FOUR IN A ROW ! President’s Medal Success Continues…

040Abhinav Karan  followed in the proud footsteps of Brad Chattergoon, Shastri Ram, and Brad Bachu  in fine style, bringing home to Pres the President’s Medal for excellence in the CAPE 2013 exams for the fourth year in a row, the 9th time in the last 14 years, and the 13th time in our history!

In a special assembly held  Friday last, Abhinav thanked his teachers his onlooking parents, and the whole school community for their support over the years, highlighting time management and personal sacrifice as the pivots for his success.  He is currently enrolled in Mount Hope Medical school, and plans to complete his medical degree there.

030Abhinav Karan and Brad Chattergoon

Also present at the assembly was past student Brad Chattergoon, currently at Cal Tech,  who began the run on the President’s Medal in 2010. The Mayor of Chaguanas also addressed the assembly, congratulating the college on its sterling  achievement, keeping Chaguanas as the proud hosts of one of the Caribbean’s best colleges.

018The ecstatic students hail Abhinav’s achievement

052Abhinav with the current Upper Six President Medal 2014 hopefuls…

Congrats to him and ALL staff who interfaced with him, assisting him to his great achievement!

Further celebrations will begin when we hear the names of the rest of our Scholarship winners this year…it is alleged we are to get our best results ever !

Proud to be Pres!

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