R.I.P. Ravi

ravi2Ravi Ramrattan, the Presentation College’s  2002 President’s Gold Medal winner, was killed in the terrorist action in Kenya this Saturday.

A proud graduate of Pres Chaguanas, he copped an Open Scholarship, studied at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and was presently pursuing his PhD. He was currently working for the United Nations on an economics project in Kenya.

Ravi was a keen all round student, playing cricket for the college while assiduously pursuing his studies.The school community mourns his passing, made especially poignant as he had always kept in touch with his school and his teachers.

A minute of silence was respectfully observed in our morning assembly, and the school flag currently flies at half mast. Teachers and his then classmates visited his parents today to express condolences.

In the midst of our celebrations of the college’s recent academic  success, this sad news acts as a sobering reminder of the fickleness of life, and lends credence to the saying “the good die young”…

Again, Presentation College expresses its deepest condolences to his parents, family, friends and classmates and co-workers on their, and our, terrible loss…

Rest in Peace Ravi…


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